How To Use Qr Codes

How to use qr codes is a question that comes up all the time. Some people ask, What do I do with a qr code? The qr code has so many uses that still have not been discovered or a system for use has not even been created yet. This article will go over some of the uses of qr codes that you can take advantage of right now. The free qr code creator let’s you create awesome qr codes of many types.

One great use of the qr code is the business card qr code. Using the qr code as a business card that people scan and simply click to add your data to their smart device. This save the person scanning a lot of time when adding your business information into their contacts on the smart phone. Often the business card qr code is called the contact qr code, the scannable business card, the ME card, ME qr code and many other qr code names. It is pretty easy to create your business qr code or me qr code with our free qr code creator. The best thing about the new qr code creator is that you can create a branded qr code by adding you company logo and changing the color of the qr code. Many companies are starting to distinguish their qr code with branding. Branding becomes more and more important as qr codes become even more recognizable and the old black and whites just do not appeal to the users as much. Getting lost in the crowd as people store the qr codes on their smart devices and refer to them later is also gonna be a challenge. So our new qr code creator that let’s you add your logo and color to the qr code while creating just makes good sense. The business card qr code stores your company name, email, phone number, address, web site address, and other important information that you would want customer keeping handy. Use the busineness card qr code or the me card qr code to share information about you quickly and easily.

Once you have created the business card qr code the question is….How do I use it right? Certainly placing the qr code on business cards seems smart. Some companies are putting it on the back while others redesign the front and make it at least half the size of the card. So 1 inch by 1 inch or 2inch by 2 inch roughly is even better. Placing the me qr code on flyers, magnets, brochures, mailers and other media seem to work also. You may have to ask users to scan to save, or explain that they need to scan the qr code for special deals. You can use a members only platform and track how many people scan and click thru to your website. There are many ways to implement the qr code but you usually do need a website that is mobile friendly. Some folks link the qr code so folks can watch a video that gives more details about their products or services. This has been fairly successful as I have even scanned while in a store and watched product demos and then made my purchasing decision based on the added sales pitch….

Ok so with the cool qr code creators available that follow our branding recommendations what should you do with qr codes? We have a great idea that you can do with qr codes. The text qr code can easily be used to put your company name and website url address along with a special coupon that people could use by showing the clerk or restaurant. Recently I took advantage of free chips and salsa at a restaurant. So I know scanning qr codes for discounts often work. But why give a discount when they are already in the store? That is a good question….Not really, but here is the reason. You could increase your average ticket thru the power of suggestion and a small discount for maybe dessert or any product you use to upsell. If you wanted to get real creative you can have the scanner go to an email capture page on your website that verified the email and then redirects them to the coupon or specials page. This now can be used for promotions. Many valubale uses of the qr code which involve getting customers to scan and get something valuable…

What are some other uses of the qr code that I can implement today? One of the neatest qr code uses is the scan to pay platform that we created. Usuing your paypal account to receive funds now people can simply scan and pay for items via debit, credit or paypal. Now customers have another way to pay. This might be a way to help customers from out of town save on sales tax since it was an online purchase and they picked it up out of state…You need to check with your accountant on this one but I recently heard of a tourist area store using qr codes likes this to edge out the competition. Online transaction are treated different from state to state so be sure to get your own legal advice. The cool thing and the big point is that you can have online web mobile sales without owning a website or a merchant online account by using qr codes and paypal you do need a membership to learn how to use the scan to pay qr code system. You can create cool branded qr codes that give a breif description of the item being purchased and customers can scan and pay. This type of system can be very handy for service companies who charge flat fees for a service performed. Now everyone can simply scan the qr code and pay!

How else can qr codes be used? Ok so all of the above examples arre pretty straight forward and if not you can always contact us and we will help walk you through any issues you may have…There are many more qr code uses that are being developed and worked on right now. One big deal is for inverntory control and quality control for small businesses. Want to make sure the bathrooms got cleaned…employees code scan a qr code when they got started and then scan one in the bathrooms and then again when they returned to supplies and mops…. this could be a useful purpose of a simple qr code and a database. If your company services air conditioning systems you could start a qr code system for your maintenance programs, or system and customer history. A sticker could be applied to the system cover and then the service tech could scan and know all the data about the system and homeowners. This could be very useful in diagnosing problems and helping solve customer needs in the future. Another thing that I personally would like to see happen with qr codes is having a sample video clip or music track embedded into the qr code even if it is via link. When I’m looking to buy a dvd or cd I would like to scan the qr code and actually hear a song or 2 and watch the trailer at least. This will help increase revenues from media sales in stores because they can be somewhat competitive with online stores like amazon, itunes, etc.

Oh the many uses of qr codes and who wants to partner with us to get these things rolling main stream? Just a thought. We are always looking for people who have good ideas and can help get them off the ground. Qr codes and their use will be determined by how quickly people adopt the use of them and how soon the population has the ability to start scanning.